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You've been schooled. By Michèle Rothen

A young man, type Hipster comes in a cafe. The Barista, also type Hipster says hello and expected his order.

 He: Yes hoi, espresso, please.

You: Robusta or Arabica?

He: Um, Arabica.

You: Because you think Robusta is scrap or because you're a Finöggeli 
He? Sorry?

You: We have a hot Robusta. I know he has a bad reputation because he just stop, as the name suggests, was bred especially for robustness long, but the one we have is probably the best in the world. Herb, woody, earthy, with a lingering buttery mouthfeel. But even more for real guys, if I may say that. 30 percent more caffeine than Arabica, the pure neat skin.

He: I ists particularly important in that it is produced sustainably. Bio and stuff.

You: Pffff Bio. The coffees that we have, one can no longer describe these categories. So, the Robusta that thou shalt drink the same, Nishant has grown in Southwest India, harvested and processed. Nishant is a complete lunatic, if the delivery is ready, he sends the roaster in Zurich a picture of the sacks via Whatsapp and a few emoticons, asking afterwards if was "his coffee" arrived safely.

He: That's even globalization on the sympathetic way.

You: So, Robusta or Arabica?

He: You're really not very friendly, but somehow it makes me to, when I'm so geschulmeistert.

You: Then that's a win-win situation. A Robusta?

He: Clear. I'm finally a real guy.

You: I believe you immediately.