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Coffee for highest standards - Black & Blaze LTD.

Welcome to Black & Blaze, the responsible, innovative coffee roaster for enjoyment and the highest standards. We attach great importance to ecology, sustainability and fair working conditions. Our unique roasting method ensures that the excellent aroma is preserved throughout the entire value chain.


Individual attention to our clientele is very important to us. Thanks to our incredible creativity, our pursuit of perfection and our experience, we ensure that we can meet your needs as well.
We at Black & Blaze Ltd. are aware of our responsibility, act innovatively and use the diversity of coffee to implement an offer that meets the very highest standards. All that remains is an exceptional experience with a clear conscience.

Courteous, professional and individual, we take care of our clientele. We are always trying to meet their needs. These circumstances create the conditions for a long lasting cooperation.

Our communication is relevant and timely. We try to be part of as many cultural events as possible, with the aim of being close to the population and the region.


We source our consumables from Swiss production as far as possible and always strive to keep our CO₂ footprint as small as possible.


The professional and social skills that our employees possess are exceptional, and their needs and requirements are always of concern to us. The whole team can identify with the company through family circumstances, which enables us to live a unique corporate culture.

Feeling good leads to motivation and interest in our company. Our actions and thinking in the company are focused on the well-being of everyone involved.

Corporate structure

Through permanent development of a sustainable and prudent corporate management, we succeed in keeping up with the spirit of the times.

Our infrastructure meets the highest standards and is equipped with the most modern measuring instruments, which always guarantee the qualities of our products. 

Long-standing and close trade relations enable us to offer a unique range of products.

And so we look forward to offering you a unique coffee experience as well!