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India Delight, Araku Valley

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The search for the best green coffees in the world led us to East India, to the hills of the Eastern Ghats, to Araku. Under the British colonial power, the Adivasi women farmers had to bring their self-prepared coffee for a handful of rupees to state collection stations, where the poorest quality raw product found its way onto the world market. The stations disappeared and with them the few rupees. Ten years ago, the Naandi Foundation began to teach individual families the craft of biodynamic coffee cultivation. Success came very soon and convinced the world of specialty coffee. Higher revenues, new perspectives for the women farmers and a specialty for frahling lovers is the positive result.

The Adivasi villages are united in a cooperative, the "Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society Limited", or "SAMTFMACS" for short. This registered cooperative was established in 2007 and since then has represented the interests of the small women coffee farmers spread throughout the area. Its focus is clearly on sustainable coffee cultivation and a fair, regular income for its members. The board of directors provides support for the education and training of the coffee farmers, manages the central processing station, facilitates quality improvements and enables access to the world market.

More Information here.

Variety: SL-9, SL-5


Preparation: washed

Grind: whole beans

Preparation methods: portafilter, bialetti, FrenchPress, Aeropress, filter

Profile: Grand Cru chocolate, oriental spices

Harvest: November - February

Altitude: 600 - 1100 m

Cultivation: strictly biodynamic

Distribution: Araku Originals Ltd.

FLO ID 22037

Producer: FLO ID 6095

The import to Switzerland is direct and without intermediary from Araku via Kühne&Nagel to us.


Extraction recommendation:

1g espresso ≈ 1ml espresso.

Portafilter machines -

DoppioEspresso: 18.5-20.5g of coffee powder IN / time: 24-30sec / 36-47g of espresso OUT in the cup.

SingleEspresso: 10.0-10.5g coffee powder IN / time: 23-30sec / 19-26g espresso OUT in the cup

Robi Kägi
07-Aug-2016 10:46:44
Habe alle drei Mischungen bestellt und probieren den Indischen als ersten. Schöne Verpackung. Vor drei Wochen geröstet. Ich bin begeistert, erstaunliche Crema, wunderbare Frucht, zusammen mit etwas Kakao und Schokolade ergibt so etwas wie mon cheri. Tolle Kombination von Fruchtigkeit mit erdigen Tönen. Zum Abendessen sucht man sich auch den richtigen Wein aus, warum nicht den richtigen Kaffee zum Zmorge? Toll als Capu, die Kombination zum frischen Zopf mit süssem Honig bringt den richtigen Touch Bitterkeit, Erdigkeit und Schokolade hervor. Sehr spannender Kaffee! So muss es sein. Preis ist mehr als ok für die gebotene Qualität. Temp: 93 Grad, 25 Sek., 25 ml
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