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CLAUDE – CEO – Music Led Zeppelin

- Owner and Founder of Black & Blaze
- Marketing and Sales
- Is managing our new customer at Schloss Schauenstein
- Development Brand Black&Blaze
- brings the visions to live

LIRI – Roastermaster – Music The Who

- roasting on the big Buhler on Monday
- Managing our key accounts in and around Zurich for getting the best out of our coffees
- Project Manager gastronomy
- Lead Schmück ToGo

RONI - Roastmaster - Musik - Jimmy Hendrix

- Röstet am Bühler

- Meistert unsere Logistik

- Ist Manager unserer Events

- Macht Qualitätskontrollen bei allen unseren Kunden im Feld

- Macht eine Doppel-Rosetta ohne die Tasse zu berühren

ADRIAN - Roastmaster - Music Petter

- Roasting mondays our beloved Premium coffee blend
- Barista Intermediate
- From time to time you can meet Adi as barista on events
- Is working aside of Black & Blaze in a social service as apprentice trainer and painter

GEORGES – Packing – Music Hockey club ZSC

- Georges is the uncle from Claude also called Schorsch
- is forking 10 pullups
- running annually the Engadin Marathon
- jogging daily
- was a professional jockey and riding still active on the racetrack Dielsdorf racehorses
He is by you with every ice hockey player from ZSC and knows Sepp Blatter personally

Still questions?

Presence: Whenever worst comes to worst.