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MONI - Roastmaster - Music - Green Day

-Roasts on the Bühler
-Manages the world's smallest roastery in Fürstenau (Schauenstein Castle)
-Makes quality checks on all Andreas Caminada's restaurants
-Bakes with heart and soul as she roasts

RONI - Roastmaster - Music - Jimmy Hendrix

- Roasts on the Bühler
- Masters our logistics
- Is manager of our events
- Makes quality checks for all our customers in the field
- Makes a double rosetta without touching the cup

PASCAL - Roastmaster - Music - Black Sabbath

- Roasts on the Bühler
- Master of our complex storage structure
- Not only a professional as a roaster, but in almost all crafts
- Muscle cars, or PRIUS
- An icon in Zurich nightlife

MARC - Roastmaster - Music - Mötley Crüe

- Roasts on the Bühler
- Revolutionises not only roasting
- Founder of the radio station:
- Is our politologo

CLAUDE – Music Led Zeppelin

- Founder of Black & Blaze
- Marketing and Sales
- Supervises our outdoor location in Schauenstein Castle
- Further development of the Black&Blaze brand
- Cupping
- Realising visions


LIRI – Roastermaster – Music The Who

- Ensures our qualities
- Supports our key customers with questions about the best extraction in and around Zurich
- Barista training and quality control in the field
- Further development of the Black&Blaze brand
- Roasts on all ovens
- Cupping
- Does what needs to be done

GEORGES – Packing – Music Hockey club ZSC

- Georges is Claude's uncle (also called Shorsh).
- easily does 10 pull-ups
- runs the Engadine marathon every year
- jogs daily
- was a professional jockey and still rides racehorses actively at the Dielsdorf racecourse
- is on a first-name basis with every ice hockey pro
Any questions?