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TUSK Espressoblend

Nr: Tusk-1000g
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Product information

Nishant Gurjer produced on his estate in southwest India one of the world's best Robustas. 
We take this quality coffee produced with much effort directly and without intermediaries. For this we hide a dry conditioned "Yellow Bourbon" Arabica from Brazil. The Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia gives this blend the finishing touches. 
Perfect roasted, in a known Black & blaze manner, without bitterness and roasted flavors.

All coffees in this blend are fair trade and 100% traceable to the farm or Cooperative.

Origin: Robusta, India; Arabica, Brazil, Africa 
Röstrad: medium 
Body: heavy, full-bodied, creamy 
Profile: chocolate, tobacco, roses, citrus 

Mahlgrad: Ganze Bohnen
Zubereitungsmethoden: Siebträger, Vollautomat, Bialetti

B & B Rating: 
Robusta; directly and fairly traded. Arabicas; fair trade, based on a middleman (Mare Terra, Spain)

Specialty coffee for connoisseurs with little fruit acid