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Black & Blaze – Coffee roasted next door to Forch

Welcome to Black & Blaze, our small and exclusive coffee roaster close to the heart of Zurich. If you are looking for a unique, high quality and fair traded coffee – you’ve come to the right place! It is our goal to ensure this by looking after the coffee starting from when it is picked all the way to when it is in your cup.
Similar to wine coffee gets its characteristics from the soil it grows in, which takes us to the furthest corners of the world in pursuit of the perfect coffee beans. Due to the different harvest times around the world, we travel and test the different coffees all year round so that we can offer you a choice of the most exclusive and special flavors the coffee world has to offer. Whenever possible we are in direct contact with the people who grow our coffee, guaranteeing fair practices and fair, sustainable trade which gives every cup of coffee its very own story. This selection process means, that the coffee farmers supply us with beans from a very specific plot which enables us to retrace the origin of our coffee right back to the tree it was grown on.
For our core competence, the roasting process, we have the most modern machines allowing us to monitor everything electronically. Through precise tuning of temperature, air supply and time a replicable roast profile is created guaranteeing a constant roasting quality for every coffee, every week.
Part of our philosophy as a modern roasting facility is not to roast too quickly or too dark in order to preserve the natural aromas of each and every coffee. We put a very high price on avoiding unwanted roast aromas and chlorogenic acids. Along with every coffee you will also find our recommendation as to whether it’s more suited to be consumed as filter coffee or espresso.
As a small business our doors are always open to our customers and we are always more than happy to give you advice on how you can ideally prepare your coffee at home and reach the highest level of enjoyment. For our catering and gastronomy partners we always approach the individual wishes and needs with joy and help the baristas choose the perfect coffee machines and the quintessential brewing recipes.
Have a look around in our online store – it doesn’t matter if you have a lever machine or an aeropress, if you prefer espressos or filter coffee – we can guarantee that Black & Blaze has the perfectly suited coffee for you: always freshly roasted and the very best quality.