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Kaffee geröstet nebenan auf der Forch

Welcome to Black & Blaze, in our small and exclusive coffee roastery on the Forch, not far from Zurich. If you are looking for an exceptional, high quality and fair trade coffee, you have come to the right place! We are the helicopter parents among coffee roasters and from the selection of the green coffee to the brewing, we do everything we can to ensure that our baby is absolutely perfect.

INFORMATION kompostierbare Kapseln

Unsere innovative kompostierbare Kapsel, welche wir mit drei Jahren 
Verspätung endlich auf den Markt bringen konnten, bleibt weiterhin unser Sorgenkind. 
Durch das Aufquellen der Front-Membrane während der Extraktion, ist der optimale Durchfluss nicht mehr gewährleistet, was sich in einer qualitativ schlechten Tasse widerspiegelt.
Wir haben uns entschieden, bis dieses technische Detail von Seiten des Kapselherstellers gelöst ist, unser Kaffee wieder in der konventionellen Kapsel zu konfektionieren.
Diese Gegebenheit wird aber einen Lieferunterbruch von ca. zwei Wochen zur Folge haben.

Das ist ein herber Rückschlag für uns, denn wir haben Nachhaltigkeit sehr gross auf unsere Fahne geschrieben.



Black&Pepper - Pfeffer der im Kaffeepflanzen Schatten wächst.

Bio dynamisch, wild gewachsener indischer Pfeffer aus den biodiversen Wäldern des Araku Valley. Fair und ohne zwischenhandel beziehen wir diese Delikatesse direkt von den angestammten Adivasi Bauer:innen.


Sustainability is not only a concern for us in coffee cultivation. Our packaging comes from Switzerland, ten minutes away from us, from the Wipf company in Volketswil. Even our adhesive tape is from Swiss production!
We try to reuse packaging wherever possible, e.g. our jute bags are reused by the forestry office or up-cycled into cool products by various artists.
Furthermore, our Nespresso® compatible capsules are 100% compostable and airtight.

Coffee Diversity

Like wine, coffee is also shaped by its terroir and thus receives its characteristic properties. An important part of our coffee culture is to visit our producers personally - all over the world. In this way, we not only get to know the farmers, but also the supply chains for our products.

Fair Trage Coffee

Whenever possible, we are in direct contact with the farmers who grow our coffees, which guarantees fair practices and a fair and sustainable trade. This gives every cup of coffee its own story.

This selection process means that a farmer supplies us with beans from a specific plot, which allows us to trace the origin of our coffees very precisely.

Fair Trade Coffee

Whenever possible, we are in direct contact with the people who grow our coffee. This guarantees fair practices and sustainable trade. And gives every cup of coffee its own story.
Thanks to our selection process, we know from which parcel a farmer delivers his beans. In this way we can trace the origin of our products very precisely.

Our Specialty - Coffee Roasting

Our roastery has the most modern machines to monitor all roasting processes electronically. Precise coordination of temperature, air supply and time creates a replicable roasting profile which guarantees constant roasting for every coffee, week after week.

As a modern specialty roastery, part of our philosophy is not to roast too quickly and not too dark in order to preserve the natural aromas of each coffee as much as possible. We attach great importance to preventing unwanted roast aromas and breaking down chlorogenic acids.

Best Coffee in Town

Take a look around our online shop, regardless of whether you have a portafilter or an Aeropress at home, whether you are interested in espresso or filter coffee - we have the right coffee for you. Always freshly roasted and of the best quality.

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