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Fazenda São Silvestre

Serra do Salitre, Brasilien
Ismael Andrade

Fazenda São Silvestre was bought by producer Ismael José de Andrade and his brother Eduardo Eustáquio Andrade in the beginning of the 90s. The climate and elevation of the lands are conducive to producing high-quality COE's. Thus, when these natural conditions of the region are combined with good management, culture planning and post-harvest processing with criteria for coffee cherry selection, the result is excellent quality COE's, appreciated around the world.

Altitude: 1200m

We buy from Finca São Silvestre the lot Cerrafine which is part of our Tusk Specialty Espresso Blend. The varieties in this lot are Yellow Catuaì, Red Catuaì and Yellow Icatú, the processing is natural.

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