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Premium, haushaltskompostierbare Kapsel Nespresso®* compatible

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Product information

The capsules are decomposed into humus in 20 weeks by the bacteria and enzymes found in a compost. All that remains is an unforgettable aroma. 
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Full-bodied, velvety texture: caramel and dark chocolate melt in the finish with a hint of orange. Finished in the signature Black&Blaze style, without added roast flavors, for Nespresso®-compatible machines.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance works for a more sustainable world on a social and market level to protect nature and improve the lives of agricultural and forestry producers. It focuses its efforts on four closely interrelated issues that are critical to global sustainability: Forests, Climate, Livelihoods and Human Rights.


100% Arabica from:

India, Mexico (RFA certified), Colombia (RFA certified), Brazil (FOB/direct trade)

Profile: full-bodied, lots of sweetness, low fruit acids
Suitable for: Nespresso® machines as espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml)


Contents: 18 Home-compostable capsules of 5g net e 90g
*Nespresso® This brand belongs to third parties who have no connection with B&B Ltd.

Mr Forsthuber
10-Aug-2018 09:38:48
Sehr gute Kaffee Spitze
Linus Geiges
10-Dec-2020 13:02:19
Egel ob Espresso oder Kaffee: besser kann Kaffee aus einer Nespresso Maschine nicht sein.
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