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Sethuraman Estates

13°16'31.0"N, 75°28'45.8"E
Nishant Gurjer

Nishant Ramesh Gurjer, the owner and manager of Sethuraman Estate, is a sixth-generation coffee producer who specializes in producing high-quality Robustas. His coffees have received the R certificate from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) 15 times, with only 30 coffees ever receiving the distinction. Nishant's farm is located in India and is organic, with no chemical interventions for pest and disease management for more than five years. The farm is managed using a concept of nutrition farming, with the plant given precisely what it needs to grow, and the soil protected from erosion with the help of native trees. Nishant's team manually picks the cherries three to four times per crop and runs a strict quality control protocol. The cherries are fermented, depulped, and left to sun-dry for 7 to 10 days, resulting in some of the best Robustas in the world.

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