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Office. By Michèle Roten

Mr. Kohler: Well, ma'am Scheibert, they come but please in my office.

Woman Scheibert glad.

Mr. Kohler: Would you like a coffee?

Woman Scheibert: May I ask what for them?

Mr. Kohler: Um ... you mean cappuccino or macchiato or ...

Woman Scheibert: No, the brand. Respectively the variety.

Mr. Kohler: Um, so that these pads here, where is the package ...

Woman Scheibert: I only drink coffee from the I know where it comes from.

Mr. Kohler: Yes, aha ...

Woman Scheibert: When meat you want to know how it was produced, yes.

Mr. Kohler: Yes ... so it's just so ... commercial coffee.

Woman Scheibert: That is, it has been speculated so on the stock exchange, giant companies make vast amounts of money, the farmers get almost nothing. And the beans from all over the world were zusammengepanscht wild, immature, mature, easy-going, all sorts, and then so you can drink it at all, follows burned that one tastes except aromas of toast and bitter substances from coffee nothing. Great trick to lead consumers up the garden path. And we believe then, coffee must be so.

Mr. Kohler: Um.

Woman Scheibert: I prefer to support small, transparent companies. And I'd rather drink unmixed Single-Estate Coffee. So no thanks. Better a glass of water.

Mr. Kohler: A glass of water. Yes.

Woman Scheibert: Thank you. I have here still the missing letters of recommendation here.

Mr. Kohler: Not necessary. You have the job.