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Playdate. By Michèle Rothen

(It rings the doorbell, Rasmus calls:. The stupid Jakob's there !, Hannah makes Hush and opens)

Hannah: Hi Julia! And Jacob, look, the Rasmus already waiting for you in the nursery.

Julia: Super, Jacob would be that is already very doll, eh, James?

(Jacob goes reluctantly into the nursery)

Hannah: I do not know what the kindergarten teacher has of because the two do not get on.

Julia: I do not either. Jacob is one that copes well with all.

Hannah: Rasmus also! And quite honestly, I can not imagine that he Jakob skin me. He never skin someone.

Julia: Jacob either. And bite he certainly does not.

(From listening to the children's cry: Ouch That's mine, but I had it first ouch!)

Hannah: Sweet as they play. Shall we have a cup of coffee?

Julia: With pleasure. I urgently need an espresso.

Hannah: Me too! Then we use to celebrate the day but once the specialty coffee of my husband.

Julia: Speciality Coffee?

Hannah: It does all this tells me times. That's kind of hand-picked, hand-roasted coffee and usually only from a bean, so from a field, even though the is a mix here, so a deliberate, composed. He then comes into raptures and tells what of Kamasutra and Mama Africa and Samba in Rio de Janeiro. Everything else he can no longer drink, he says it's burned and inferior.

(They laugh)

Jakob (comes into the kitchen to Julia): Mama, the Rasmus hit me with the laser sword!

Hannah: That he has determined not meant or, Rasmus?

Rasmus: No and Jacob bit me in the shoulder!

Julia: But certainly not an extra, or Jacob?

Jacob: No, just because he spat at me!

Rasmus: not true, I wanted to spit on the wall and he stood degrees there!

Hannah: Well, now you give yourself the hand and go play again.

(They shake hands, Jacob pressed so hard that Rasmus screams and kicks him in the shin.)

Julia (takes a sip): The really tastes very different.

Hannah: Yes, is not it? I like coffee otherwise not at all so much, but is somehow much sweeter, not bitter. Light fruity acidity. Exciting.

Julia: It tastes like holidays and other earth.

(From the nursery you can hear rattling and clanking)

Hannah: I gebs Markus opposite course not, but I also think these are worlds between the industrial and the coffee here.

Julia: And where can you buy the?

Hannah: On the Forch, so a small roasting. I'll send you the link.

Jakob (comes with a rope around his neck in the kitchen): Mom, can you tell me agree to?

Julia: Of course. And I know it is common because their degree plays so beautifully, but Mom needs before lunch shortly on the Forch, errand. Are you moving to your shoes?

Jakob (cheering): Yeah!

Hannah: Nice that you were there. We have to do that more often.

Rasmus and Jakob: Neiiiiiin!

(Hannah and Julia laugh and rub them over the heads.)