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Date: From Michèle Roten

He: Oh! Hey! 
You: You are obviously still Cell phone 
He: Yes! Ich finds actually quite pleasant. 
You: Good for you 
He: Want to enter 
You: Yes, just briefly, I was grade in the area and, just because you no cell phone ... I thought we should have a little talk ... because ... 
He: .. because ... 
You: ... well, just so Basics ... 
He: Basic! So early in the morning! (He creaks with your fingers.) Okay! Want some coffee? 
They are glad to 
(He wielding a filter coffee device, weighs beans, grinds.) 
You: filter coffee 
He: Anything else would be a pity for these beans 
You: You somehow especially 
He: Very special! In Ethiopia handpicked, just picked the ripe red fruits, roasted in Maur ... behaves to regular coffee about how champagne Pesca frizz. 
(He gives her a.) 
You: Looks like but tea 
He: You have now briefly say goodbye to what you have been understood by coffee 
You: Could I have some milk to 
He: Ungern 
You: Okay 
(She drinks Hawks. To.) 
You: Exactly. Because ... the day before yesterday. 
He: Exactly 
You: Exactly. So. You know perhaps that I am ... in a relationship. 
He: Yes 
You: And therefore, so ... it would not be so good if the now too many erführen. Of us. So, not "us" in the sense of we are we, but we ... this is the first time that I like black coffee. He's not as bitter as usual. 
He: Not telling but 
You: Do you understand what I mean 
He: I've searched for years as a coffee 
You: No, I mean the other 
He: Clear. I delete the tweet. 
You: Haha. I seriously mine. 
He: All good 
You: Okay. 
He:. Total 
(They drink.) 
He:? Must you away again 
You: No.