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Chania Estate

Kenya, Thika
Family Harries

The Chania Estate farm has been owned by the Harries family for several generations. It is one of the last two remaining medium-sized farms in Kenya. Located on deep volcanic red soils Chania estate represents 73 hectares. 
The Harries family also owns the Oreti farm, and 80 hectares of indigenous forests planted to encourage biodiversity currently cover the two farms combined. 
Today, over 50% of the Chania and Oreti farms are planted with Red Bourbon. The rest is a mix of Ruiru 11 (resistant variety), K7 (rust resistant), SL28 (susceptible to disease but known for its cup quality) and the new Batian variety. The farms have 40 full-time staff, but employ up to 300 people during harvests to select and prepare the coffees. The farm has opened its own nursery school to take care of its employees’ children. 
All the coffee is picked entirely by hand and processed on site. Most are washed, but Boyce also produces natural and honey-processed coffees as well as microlots of specific varieties.

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