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Äthiopien Sidamo

This Sidama appellation (also called Sidamo in some translations) is divided into 4 areas distinguished simply by the letters A, B, C and D. Each of these four areas offers a specific cup profile. The Sidama A appellation is the one that offers a Sidama-type profile on account of its sweet cup with notes of yellow fruit (apricot, peach). 
Each is linked to a specific geographical area delimited by administrative divisions. The Sidama A appellation extends to: 
- the Guji area, comprising the woreda districts of OdoShakiso, Uraga, Hambela, Kercha, Adola and Anassora; and 
- the Sidama area, comprising the districts of Bensa, Chire and Aroressa.

This fully-washed Nyala coffee offers fruity notes, a beautiful acidity and a supple body. It hasa Sidama A appellationguarantee, which is an appellation characterised by a Sidama-type cup profile. The coffee we are offering this year comes from the Adola district; coffee quality is constantly improving here thanks to the sourcing work undertaken by our team in Addis Ababacoffee, while also respecting our Q2 and 83+ quality criteria.


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