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1kg Premium + 5.- for Ukraine!

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Product information

Donate 5.- to Ukraine on top of your coffee.

Help Ukraine


Product information

Espresso test winner 2014 in Crema magazine 2014.This blend makes an espresso with a hell of a lot of crema and little fruit acids. Chocolate, bittersweet and sweet notes are the result. Tuned for preparation in a portafilter machine. As a short espresso, long Americano or cappuccino.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance works for a more sustainable world on a social and market level to protect nature and improve the lives of agricultural and forestry producers. It focuses its efforts on four closely interrelated issues that are critical to global sustainability: Forests, Climate, Livelihoods and Human Rights.


100% Arabica from:

India, Mexico (RFA certified), Colombia (RFA certified), Brazil (FOB/direct trade)

Degree of roasting: Medium

Grind: Whole beans

Brewing methods: portafilter, fully automatic, Bialetti, FrenchPress

Acidity: None

Profile: Heavy, full-bodied, creamy, chocolate.

Extraction recommendation:

1g espresso ≈ 1ml espresso.

Portafilter machines -.

DoppioEspresso: 16.0-18.0g coffee powder IN / time: 20-24sec / 40-50g espresso OUT in the cup.

SingleEspresso: 8.5-10.0g coffee powder IN / time: 18-24sec / 20-30g espresso OUT in the cup

Fully automatic -

DoppioEspresso: 16.0-16.5g coffee powder IN / time: 20-25sec / 40-60g espresso OUT in the cup

SingleEspresso: 9.0-10.0g coffee powder IN / time: 18-25sec / 20-30g espresso OUT in the cup

DoppioKafficréme: 16.0-16.5g coffee powder IN / time: 20-30sec / 160-210g Kafficréme OUT in cup

SingleKafficréme: 7.5-9.0g coffee powder IN / time: 18-30sec / 80-105g Kafficréme OUT in the cup

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