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CLAUDE: Roastmaster. Music: Led Zeppelin

- Tuesday Morning-morning shift at the roasting machine 
- operating Container "duty manager" 
- sourcing green coffee 
- Responsible Purchasing / Sales 
- Sampleroasting 
- Cupping 
- Roasting 
- distribution 
- founder of B & B 
- and what all just been so active.

PATRIZIO: Roastmaster. Music: Madrugada

 13 2 times Barista Swiss championship 12 / 
- - Fill vacuuming and packaging material Rockt Fridays at the roaster and ... 
- SCAE Barista Level 1+2 

- Quality control sensor 
- Barista training and quality control in the 
- Decision Partners Purchasing green coffee 
- Sampleroasting 
- Cupping 
- Mechanical Engineer FH with EMBA 
- Jury Member (Sensory) at the Swiss Coffee Championship 2014-2016 
Presence: Friday and every night on Whatsapp.

PASCAL: Roaster. Music: 70 's psychedelic rock

- Röstet jeweils am Dienstag und Mittwoch

SABRINA: logistics and office. Music: Dire Straits

Sabrina brings Tuesday for Tuesday order the office 
She has the overview, which ordered and what needs to be delivered where 
Presence..: Tuesday, and if we fall into chaos, during the week.

LIRI - Roastmaster

mehr in Kürze

BIAGIO - Distribution - Musik Ligabue

Biagio is our man who reliably every Tuesday morning at unserere Gastro customer delivers the coffee. 
Presence: Tuesday.

GEORGES - Abpackung - Musik Hockey Club ZSC

Georges is my uncle called Schorsch, is forking 10 pullups, running annually the Engadin Marathon, jogs daily, was a professional jockey and riding still active on the racetrack Dielsdorf racehorses to. 
He is by you with every ice hockey player and knows Sepp Blatter personally. ask 
Presence: Whenever worst comes to worst.